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04 Oct
Simple Beauty Tips from Celebrities

Simple Beauty Tips from Celebrities.Some celebrities go through complicated regimens for healthy glowing skin, but let’s face it, not every one of us has the...

05 Aug
Mohenjo Daro – The Lost City

Mohenjo Daro - The Mound of the Dead. My constant fascination with life's mysteries brought me closer to home with a recent Bollywoood movie Mohenjo Daro...

28 Jun
Ralli Quilts – Pakistani rich heritage

Hand made Ralli Quilts  Rallis are traditional quilts made by women in the rural areas of south eastern Pakistan and western India. Recently they are gaining...

25 Feb
“Progressive, Modest, Quirky”

Barjis has been away from the blog for a few months but not without reason, as we quickly find out through this catch up Q&A,...

02 Oct
BARJIS is Not About Seasons

As an established creative designer, I have always struggled with the concept of seasonal designs. Why is there so much emphasis on creative talent lasting...