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Barjis x Eva Maria Cosmetics


Barjis x Eva Maria Cosmetics

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Eva Maria Cosmetics!


Barjis & Co. is a new platform to celebrate and collaborate  with brands who share our values , quality and integrity. The brands are vetted to ensure they comply with our aesthetics and compliment Barjis London.

This is their story


Eva Maria supreme oils not only nourish, protect and revive your skin, they also complement your unique image, your lifestyle and choices, nurturing you endlessly with all the natural benefits that our mother Earth offers so generously. We bring to you the finest and freshest ingredients bottled up in a sophisticated style.

Our goal is to leave a legacy through our project BOTTLES OF KINDNESS where every brand of ours carries a message. A message of humanity, kindness, good vibes, synergy, love, happiness, victory and success. This is where our strength lies, this is our core.


Before you know it, you will be getting a fresh bouquet of nurturing and pampering bottled, little wonders right at your doorstep.




Our allies are internationally acclaimed, certified ORGANIC suppliers and devoted experts in cosmetic manufacturing. Our sophisticated and innovative Vastok laboratory produces our supreme formulas on demand, and that is how we preserve the highest quality and offer the freshest product possible.

Constant innovation in perfecting our products drives us to always go deeper into the extraordinary world of ageless beauty; the more knowledge we gain the better understanding we possess about the world around us and the more we can nurture ourselves with the power of the plants.

Quality without compromise is our mission and our legacy


Proper skincare is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle and a long-term investment in our well-being. Making our products we have ensured that the ingredients in our blends have the IMPECCABLE FRESHNESS AND PURITY. Every essential oil found in the Eva Maria Cosmetics family is of certified organic origin and every plant extract is natural in origin.


Products that are silicone-free, without synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, or mineral oils are of the utmost importance to us. Our supreme essential oils come from the FIRST FRACTION HARVEST (meaning the best part of the plant extracting process and the highest quality substances) and that is our promise to our clients. All our products are produced in an environmentally friendly way, are cruelty free and vegan.



Where can you purchase Eva Maria Cosmetics?

You can purchase the luxurious products by visiting their website

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