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We started our business from humble beginnings, wanting to create a lifestyle brand that has a unique position in the Design industry. A fusion of East and West with a random blend of culture and travel.

 We are an award winning Designer lifestyle brand with an eclectic burst of culture. Which reflects a multi faceted, and confident multi cultural client, who is not dictated by trends or fashion. Setting their own identity through how they feel and not just what they wear.

Barjis contemporary clothing embodies a fresh, modern sensibility that flatters a woman so she looks – and feels – modestly chic, comfortable and fashionable.

The patterns, prints, and designs of our clothing, scarves, cushions and award winning rugs represent a unique Barjis philosophy of: integrity, richness, ethical products and a modest lifestyle. Inspired by both nature, people and international cultures. They come alive with the colour, texture and splendour we have seen in exotic destinations and luxurious architecture around the world.

 I hope you appreciate our commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes at a price point that makes luxury accessible.

We also invite you to learn about – an organisation that supports, inspires, and nurtures talent and diversity through education, mentoring, and activism. All 10% profits of Barjis London is reinvested into The Barjis Initiative.


Custom Rugs

Custom Rugs

Barjis Award winning Rug studio was established in 2000, offering custom made rugs for residential and commercial projects.
Rugs as Art

Rugs as Art

Beautifully hand made 100% wool rugs. Barjis is a pioneer in introducing tonal grading in rugs. Custom made to your requirements.
Handmade Rugs

Handmade Rugs

Dreaming of a Barjis luxury lifestyle?  Invest in rug  – bringing a soulful character to your home and commercial space.